Massage Therapy School

Interested in a career as a massage therapist? See below to learn about the benefits of attending massage therapy school.

What To Expect

If you wish to pursue a career as a massage therapist, you’ll need to enroll in a massage therapy training program, where you will be taught the different skills ant tools necessary for being a successful professional massage therapist. In massage therapy school, you’ll learn the skills needed for both Western and Eastern massage modalities.

Western modalities include: Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic, sports, prenatal, aromatherapy & spa life, and hot stone massage.

Eastern modalities include: shiatsu, traditional Chinese medicine, hand & foot reflexology, acupressure, energy work, rocking & shaking, and Thai massage.

You will also learn relevant business skills including learning to build your client base, manage your time, and be your own boss.

After Getting Your License

Once you’ve received your massage therapist license, you will find several career opportunities available to you. Some places where you may pursue a career are:

  1. Athletic
    1. Athletic teams
    2. Marathons and sporting events
    3. Health clubs and fitness centers
  2. Holistic
    1. Wellness Centers
    2. Natural food and health stores
    3. Rehabilitation centers
    4. Massage clinics
  3. Professional
    1. Corporate
    2. Hospitals
    3. Medical offices
    4. Chiropractic
    5. Physical therapy
  4. Luxury Lifestyle
    1. Spas
    2. Resorts
    3. Cruise Lines
    4. Upscale boutiques and hotels
  5. Entrepreneurial
    1. Own your own business
    2. Provide on-site massage at offices, airports, retail locations, public and private events
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