Occupational Therapy School

Becoming an occupational therapy assistant can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Read below for some helpful information before you enroll in occupational therapy school.

What To Expect

While in an occupational therapy assistant program, you will be exposed to the different fields of work that occupational therapists work in. These fields include, working with children and youth in clinical inpatient and outpatient services, as well as in schools; working with adults in clinical inpatient and clinical outpatient services, as well as in work hardening programs; working with older adults in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and in day care centers; and working with adults with mental health and behavioral challenges who receive occupational therapy services in behavioral clinics, acute care community hospitals and state hospitals.

In your therapy assistant program, you can also expect to learn how to implement occupational therapy treatment care plans, train and educate clients and their caregivers, and collaborate with other health care professionals.

Once you’ve completed your occupational therapy school program, you will be eligible to get certified as an occupational therapy assistant.

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