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Simple Application for Teaching Job – Application for the Post of Teacher Job

Application for the Post of Teacher  A teacher’s job letter for a teacher’s job is written in a college or school. The person should be able to think of how ready he is to take this job. The letter should not be too long or too short, and it is imperative to have all the relevant information about the person applying for a teacher job.

Cover letter for teacher job application


Your Name

Your Address



Principle Name

School Name

School Full Address

Respected Sir,
In response to your advertisement in the newspaper yesterday in [here source of news name] I am interested in applying for the role of the post of [your role of teacher] in your school. I passed my bachelor’s degree in english and ,mathematics as a teacher, and I have almost two years of experience.
I currently teach classes 3rd to 4th in [name of school] which is limited by time. I have heard positive answers about your school from everywhere, And the style of the teacher who teaches here is very nice to the students. I also like to teach in the same way so I want to be a part of your school I will be happy to join your school.
I am attaching all my relevant documents for your reference. Please let me know that I can come for an interview. I hope to get positive feedback from you. Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,


Application for the Post of Teacher

Here is the teacher cover letter for the job:

The Secretary,

Hindi Ashram Balika Vidyapith,

M.S.N Bose Road, Calcutta 47

Date: 20XX                  

Re: letter for teaching job

Respect Sir,

In response to your advertisement in the newspaper yesterday for a graduate teacher, strong in English and Mathematics, I beg to offer myself a candidate. I passed both Secondary and Higher Secondary Examinations in the First Division (I secured 87% marks in English and 85% marks in Mathematics in the Secondary Examination). I took my (your streams). In 2018 with high School Class Honors in English.

I have been teaching English and Mathematics at (School where you are teaching) since 2019 on a leave vacancy. I am looking for a permanent job I am 25 and belong to a respectable family in Assam. Kindly let me know when I can come for a personal interview.

C/o. Mr. Rajit Kr. Gupta

Your full address

Yours faithfully,

 Applicant name    



Cover letter for teaching job apart from all this would help if you described your acquisition positively as the reader will help you choose for the interview. 


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