1. Bank Letters

Cheque Book Request Letter

Cheque book request letter we need a checkbook to pay someone, to give someone an amount, at which time we use the checkbook. Our checkbook is most needed when we shop for something on installment, so we have to inform the bank about the new checkbook request by writing the letter.

New Cheque book request letter 



The Manager,

Bank Name

Branch Address.

Sub: – Request for new check book

Respected Sir,

With respect, my name is (Your Name) I am a customer of your branch for the last four years. I am writing this letter to inform you that my last check book was missing from my home. Therefore, I request you to quickly issue me a new checkbook in my name as soon as possible so I can continue my transaction without any inconvenience. I hope you take immediate action on this request.

Thanking You,

With Best Regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Account Holder Name

Account number

Contact number.

Another Cheque book request letter 

The Manager,

United Bank of India,

Main Road Galli,

New Delhi.

Re: cheque book letter

Dear Sir,

I have recently opened a savings bank account with your bank or branch for which account no. _______ (mention your a/c) has been allotted. When I opened my account, I did not need the checkbook at your branch at that time, so I did not apply for the check. And now I need to check if I want to buy a mobile in installment. Therefore I would like to request you now to please issue me a cheque book containing 30 checks.

Thanking you,

Your Customer,


Cheque book request letter format


The Manager,

Your bank name,


Bank address

Sub: – Request for check book

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a serving an (account types) account holder of your branch bearing number is 2345655. I will maintain the account since (your date on an account opened). As a buyer, the check book is one of the most important things for installment. After completing my old check book, I need one more check book in the 15 days. I kindly requested you to bank issue me the 60 pages check book as soon as possible.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,


Contact No.




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