Application for Refund of Money from Bank, College, and Railway Reservation
application for refund of money

Application for Refund of Money from Bank, College, and Railway Reservation

You can easily write the application for refund of money letter of our given format on the bank, college, and railway reservation. Following some unfortunate scenario, you can write these letters to claim your money back and steal money from the bank account.

How to Write Application for Refund of Money from College


The Principal,

College name,


Subject: Application for fees refund.

Respect Sir,

It is stated with the respect that I took admission in your college as a regular candidate in ( 1st Semester Part. I also fill-up admission forms to other institutions. I am lucky to get admission to a college near my house (college name). Based on my pocket money, and my background is from a poor family and I cannot pay my fees in that college.

I want to request that you kindly cancel my enrollment and refund my fee which I pay to the college administration on (Your Course). I will be very grateful to you.

With Best Regards,

[Name of the student]

[Application Number]

Format of Application for Refund of Money from Bank


[Branch manager],

[Bank name]

[Branch address]

Sub: An Application Letter for Refund of Money from Bank

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to send this letter to you regarding my payment which I made [12000] as a buy android phone to Amazon. Unfortunately, when I was paying online, my payment on Amazon was canceled due to a technical error, but after that, I got a message from the bank that the balance was deducted from my account.

I have a traction number when my payment was canceled at the time of the purchase of the mobile, which is numbered [657373]. As per the bank policy, the amount is refunded on purchase cancellation. However, its bank charges are deducted as fees.

It will probably take 2-4 business days to process my cancellation so that the remaining account will be kindly refunded as soon as the procedure is completed. I will be grateful to you.

Your Sincerely,

[Your name]

[Account name]


Sample Application for Refund of Money from Reservation


The Superintendent [Refund],

South-Eastern Railways,

Howrah, Kolkata – 700012.

Sub: Refund of Money


I would like to inform you that I reserved a ticket for three passengers for travelling from Howrah to Siliguri on [Date ticket booked]. I booked the tickets from [Name of where the ticket was booked]. At Howrah, I had had a trauma on my knee while moving along the Beach. 

The local doctor advised me to have a bed rest of 15 days. So I had to cancel my programme to go to Siliguri. This problem compelled me to return the tickets at the [Station] . I return the tickets before the departure of the scheduled train. The ticket number is 5433.

Therefore, I pray to you to take necessary steps so that I may get the money refunded at an early date.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,




Enclo: Photocopy of the receipt showing cancellation of the ticket.


Letter to Refund of money format, from which you can write a letter to your money bank, college, and reservation, our given format which is searched more. If there is another format in it, you can let us know in the required comment so that we can put that format on our post.


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