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Full Fee Concession Application

You can write an application for school fee concession letter to your principal comfortably with the format given below, if you want more format then you can tell us by commenting.

Application for School Fee Concession


The Principal/Headmaster,

School Name,

Institute Address,

Sub: An Application for Fees Concession/Remission

Respected Sir/Madam,

                                    I have been a student of your reputed school (School Name) since (year) and at present, I am a student of class (your class), sec A. I have been doing well in all the examinations for all the previous and present years, and my teachers have always been fully satisfied with my good progress in studies and with my conduct.

So, I have always cleared my school dues in time. But now unfortunately I am in great financial difficulty. My father, who was working in a private company, but suddenly the company has closed so much that now he is finding it difficult to run the family, not to talk of bearing my educational expenses. Now I have no option to discontinuing my studies without any outside help.

In this situation, I request you to exempt me from paying school fees for the year so that I can complete my studies in your institution. I will always be grateful to you for this noble act.

Thanking you, Sir.

Yours Sincerely,

Student Name,

Class, Roll & Sec


Another Letter for School Fees Concession from Parents Format

The Principal,

School Name,

School Address,

Sub: Request for concession fees

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is stated with respect to inform you that, my son/daughter [name] a student of [class] in your reputed school [school name] studying since [years]. I am writing this request letter to you for their fee concession.

I have always paid my child’s school dues on time. But recently, I am facing a big financial problem, I am running a small business in my city but suddenly my business is closed so now it is very difficult for me to maintain the family and school fees. [Mention your here actual problem & situation]

Under the situation, I request you to give me some time to deposit the school fees of my child, I will deposit the school fees as soon as possible, till then my child’s study should be allowed to continue. If you considering my request I will always be grateful to you for this kind act.

With best regards,

Name of Parent/Guardian,


Contact No


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