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Application for School Leaving Certificate

When we complete our schooling, we obtain an application for school leaving certificate, and we enter further studies such as college. This is why one has to write a letter for leaving a certificate in school to get a living certificate to his principal. You can write our three formats like English, Hindi, Bengali, and write your school leaving certificate application easily.

How can I write application for school leaving certificate?


The Principal

School name

School Address

Subject- school leave certificate

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I am Md. Jakir, a student of 12th of your school. I want to say that I have been a student of your institution since the 11th standard, and I will never forget how much this school has given me. I would also like to tell you that our joyous nature with our school teachers was incredible. I completed my education in this school, and now I need a living certificate to get college admission.
So, I request you to leave the certificate to your school, so that I can start my further studies. I would be very grateful to you. Thank you, Sir.

Yours truly,





13 August 2020

School leaving certificate format in word

The Principle of School

School Name

School Full Address

Date on Writing

Re: leaving certificate application

Respect Sir,

My name is Abul Hassan, and I am a 12th standard student at your school. This school gave me a great education to make my life successful, which I will never forget. Every teacher in our school, who has given excellent education to the school’s students, Sir, I have completed my education in this school, so I need a living certificate for my further studies like for college admission. Therefore, Sir, I request you to provide my living certificate to study further. I would always be grateful to you.

Your Student,





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