How to Write an Informal Letter Format to Family and Friends

informal letter format

The informal letter format for private correspondence is composed of a casual or emotional tone. Informal letters clearly understand that instead of a company, these written friends and close family members. Types of Informal Letter Format Letter to Relative and Friends Congratulation Letters Letters of invitation, etc. Format of informal letter: Informal letter format from a son … Read more

What are Types of Noun, Examples, Definition, and Exercise

types of noun

Definition of Noun Types of noun a noun is a naming word which refers to people, place, things, and abstract ideas such as feelings and qualities, e.g., Akbar, Kolkata, taj mahal, book, etc. Example of Noun: Raja is a brilliant student. The noun raja refers to a particular student, but the noun student may be applied … Read more

Pollution essay paragraph on pollution, air, water, global warming, and plastic

paragraph on pollution

Pollution Essay Definition Paragraph on pollution is the main source of harmful materials in the environment. Pollution also occurs on natural sources such as human emissions, waste of goods produced through the factory, which damages water air, and land pollution. People should be made aware of the hazards of pollution essay. There are Some Main Causes … Read more

Paragraph Writing Topics, Format, and Examples In English

paragraph writing topics

What is paragraph writing topics? A paragraph is a short composition expressing one’s own idea in the correct language. Paragraph writing topics deal with one idea, and that idea is developed with several sentences grouped.  The candidates will be given to write a topic with appropriate hints/outlines, and they will be required to show the gradual development … Read more

Moral Stories for Kids in English Format

Moral Stories for Kids in English

Definition of Moral Stories Writing Write moral stories english story writing has been important incorporated as a part of writing skill to test the writing competency of the writers or students. It develops imaginative power as well as self-expression also. Writers and students will be given outlines and asked to develop the points in the form … Read more