Essay on My Favourite Teacher

Essay on My Favourite Teacher

Essay on my favourite Teacher play a very important role in filling the life of a student. God has given us on the basis of blessings to the teachers in the world who teach their country and the world a good lesson, and with this, he makes his nation a good place. A teacher always … Read more

Essay on Value of Time for Students

essay on value of time

Essay on value of time refers to the existence and the anticipated progress of events such as from the past, through the present, time teaches us the truth of important paths of our life. Essay on Value of Time Short Speech VALUE OF TIME ESSAY Time is one of the most valuable important things in … Read more

Essay on Internet Writing in English

Essay on internet

What is Internet essay definition? Essay on Internet is a worldwide connected network that uses data transmission through various media types. Today, at least 85% of people use the Internet for various purposes such as social networking, education, companies, office and etc. THE ESSAY ON INTERNET The internet is a computer based World Wide Web … Read more

Essay on Student Life Discipline, and Social Service

Essay on Student Life

Short Definition of Student A student is one who enrolls in school or college and learns education and acquires his knowledge. He keeps his knowledge right from the start of education to achieve his goals through education, such as developing professions to gain employment in their respective fields. Best Essay on Student Life STUDENT LIFE … Read more