Paragraph Writing Topics, Format

paragraph writing topics

What are paragraph writing topics? A paragraph is a short composition expressing one’s own idea in the correct language. Paragraph writing topics deal with one idea, and that idea is developed with several sentences grouped.  The candidates will be given to write a topic with appropriate hints/outlines, and they will be required to show the gradual development … Read more

Moral Stories in English Kids Format

Moral Stories for Kids in English

Definition of Moral Stories  Write moral stories English story writing has been important incorporated as a part of writing skill to test the writing competency of the writers or students. It develops imaginative power as well as self-expression also. Writers and students will be given outlines and asked to develop the points in the form … Read more

Report Writing Format, Topics, Newpaper, Examples

report writing format

What is a newspaper report? Newspaper Report Writing format is one of the essential items of the writing skill. Newspaper report various kinds of events, e.g., games and sports, national or international politics, meetings, accidents, festivals, business reports, social, natural calamities, and cultural report writing topics. What is the format of report writing? A Heading with Capital Letters should … Read more

Write a letter to your friend, Birthday, Apology, Success

letter to friend

How to write a letter to a friend? Write a letter to your friend inviting him to a birthday party, asking him to join a picnic party, tour, congratulating him on his success, apology letter to friend and offering condolences. With the help of our below format, you can easily write letters to your friends.  Letter … Read more

Format of Informal and Formal Letter

informal and formal letter

What is Letter Definition? informal and formal letter is the knowledge of type properly, and the ability to understand your emotions, thoughts, and/or ideas into sentences. Learning the basic sections of a letter lets you build letters on different occasions.  Anyone who gets a letter is considered an addressee. No matter how the language the … Read more