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Change of Address Letter

Change of address letter Sometimes, we change our residence from one place to another according to our situation. So at that time, it becomes important for us to inform everyone to change our address. Such as if you have to do it in the bank, then it is necessary to tell the bank, if it is to be done in government documents, then to the government office It is required to state. 

Change of address letter to bank

The Bank Manager,
[Bank Name],
[Branch Address]

Sub: – Change of my current address

Dear Sir,
It informs you that I am a customer of your bank and maintains a savings account with your bank whose number is [your account no]. I should tell you that We have built our new house in a new place and recently we started living there, so my place of residence has changed. So I am writing you a request letter to update my new address in your database record. I am attaching all relevant documents as proof of evidence for the same.
If you update my new address on the account and send all communications to my new address, I will be pleased and grateful. I am sure that you will do this work as soon as possible so that my account is safe and I do not face any problems.
Your Customer,
[Account holder name]
[Account number]
[Your New Address]
[Date on letter writing]

Change of address letter for documents

The SDO Office,
Full Address

Sub: – change of address of documents as your conditions

Respected Sir,
With due respect, I have to inform you that my name is the son of ___ (father’s name). Sir, we have all come to a new place and started living here. Now I have to change the address of my documents, _ (mention the documents whose address has to be changed here) whose old address is __ (mention the old address), update it from the new address ____ (mention the new address).
Because I am having a lot of trouble at the old address, if you can update my communication address in the documents, I would appreciate it. I will be very grateful if you can do this for the needy as soon as possible; I will not face any trouble.
Yours truly,



We have to remember that when we request to change our address, then include your old and new address in the letter, and you have to provide proof of your new address with them if you are writing a change of address letter to bank or government officials you can easily write.

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