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Letter for lost cheque book request to Bank

Why should we write a Letter for lost check book to the bank as soon as possible, which is why when you lose your checkbook, first you need to instruct your bank to stop payment on all your checks? You can do this by calling your bank directly, although many banks have the option online.

Letter for lost checkbook

The Manager,

Axis Bank,

Maniktala Branch,


Re: chequebook No. 43244 (A/c No. 38873)

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that one cheque No. 43244, date 20.1.20 issued in favor of [Name] College Street, is reported to have been lost. Please do not pay the check mentioned above for payment, and view the check as canceled. I have issued a fresh cheque in favor of the company.

Tanking you,

Your Customer,

Suboi Bose

Another Letter for lost checkbook format


The Manager,

(Name of the bank),

(Branch Address)

Sub: – Lost checkbook

Dear Sir,
Regarding submission, I am a customer of your branch, my name is ___. My account numbers are _____.  My checkbook numbers are _. Unfortunately, I have lost my checkbook on the road, and I must cancel my current checkbook immediately; I do not want to make any payment of cash, and the clearing has been done.
Thank you.

(Account Holder Name)

(contact number)

Date: __________


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