Sample letter to bank manager for wrong transaction, transfer

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A sample letter to bank for wrong transaction transfer sometimes our bank transactions lead to some mistake we do not make, so we have to inform the bank that it has been verified and why there has been a wrong transaction with our account. You can easily write a letter to the bank through this complaint letter for incorrect transaction format.

Letter to bank manager for wrong transaction


Your name



The Manager,

State Bank of India,

Branch Address,

Calcutta – 1

Re: An wrong transaction of money 

Dear Sir,

           The account transaction for the month of (mention your transaction month) refers to the transaction of  2020 debits by us. 2000 / -. Since there was no transaction from our side, there can be no deduction balance in our account, but we are still showing a transaction of Rs 2000. This may have been the result of some mistakes from the bank system. We are expecting your verification to correct the incorrect transaction and return our deductible money after necessary corrections.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Account Holder Name,

A/c No. ___________________


Sample letter to bank manager for wrong money transfer to another account

Bank Name,
Full Address,

Sub: Wrong transaction

Respected Sir,
I have a savings bank account with your branch account number. (Please mention your account no.) I want to inform you that. On 25/7/2021 I accidentally transferred funds from my account to another wrong account, the amount was 2500. I had to send my money quickly to Mr. Zakir, whose account number is 3757333645, but I mistakenly sent the amount to 3757333646 which was wrong. In the evening I made this incorrect transfer via quick UPI transfer payment on my phone, which is the reference number 234WERD.
Therefore, I humbly request you to kindly help me in getting the wrong transfer and my money back as soon as possible. If you do, I will be very grateful for you and your true service.
Thank You,

Yours Sincerely,



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