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Wildlife Conservation Essay

What is Conservation of Wildlife and Forest?

Conservation of wildlife the universe served as a large canvas on which the Almighty painted life in the shape of the planet Earth. Although there has always been a struggle for survival and the conditions on the surface of the world have remained dynamic. There has never been a situation when a species has had to struggle for habitat owing to someone else’s over-ambition as nature.

Essay on Conservation of Wildlife

There are many different types of wild animals on Indian soil, and not only India has a diverse range of wildlife habitats. The Indian forest is suitable for a variety of beautiful animals, birds, and insects that are found nowhere else on the planet. They are a part of the ecosystem and keep the balance of life in control. Royal Bengal tigers, hyenas, elephants, jackals, bears, monkeys, black panthers, birds, and some other wild species live in India.

Due to the Decline or Danger of Wildlife

Every wild animal has an impact on its environment. Many wildlife sanctuaries have been established in India for this reason. However, they are now in danger. Wildlife is in danger due to massive tree cutting and illegal hunting by poachers. It should be remembered that the number of animals is decreasing. Some people with sight problems have been chopping down trees and forests at random.

Taking Steps towards Wildlife Conservation

The necessity for wildlife conversation is important for our survival. Above all, cultivating a culture of respect for and protection of wild animals is important, and the penalties for chopping and poaching must be strengthened.

  • We should reduce and if possible end the mixing of pollutants in freshwater as well as in oceans as all the aquatic beings need fresh water and polluted water makes them feel incongruous.
  • Forests should not be cut down for agriculture or other purposes because they provide ideal habitat for wildlife.
  • Chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides should not be mixed in agriculture because they quickly infiltrate the food chain and do significant harm to the health of various animal species.
  • Protect the animals against pollution, mixing chemical food, and natural hazards.
  • Complete limitation on hunting and capturing wildlife.
  • These are a few broad steps that are required to be taken in a constructive manner, taking into consideration actions that could harm wildlife.


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