Correction of Wrong entry letters in Passbook

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Correction of wrong entry letters When your passbook in the bank accidentally goes wrong, you will need to write a letter to the bank to correct it. With this format, you will write corrections of wrong entry letters to your bank very easily.

Correction of Wrong Entry Letters in Passbook

Branch manager,

 (Name of the bank),

Branch Name,

(branch address)

Subject: correction of wrong entry

Dear Sir,
Before starting this, I humbly request you, I am a customer of your bank whose account number is ___ (account number mentioned here). I have your bank passbook; a few days ago, unfortunately, in my passbook, a wrong entry has been made from _ (the date from which the incorrect entry is happening)… So I humbly request you to fix it will be very good for me.

Thank you,


(Account Number)


DOWNLOAD Correction of Wrong Entry Letters PDF HERE

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