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Write an Child Labour Essay in English

Child Labour Essay

Child labour means that children have to be put to work before their age which deprives them of their childhood, such as hindering their ability to attend a regular school which is mentally, socially, physically harmful to them. Because of this, their future tomorrow can be dangerous and harmful. This has a greater impact on the children of poor families, who maintain their families by working as laborers or working in any fields to run a household. Due to which these children are left behind in their studies and also become a threat to health.

In a sense, it is a shame because it deprives children of education and they are pushed towards darkness. Working at an early age puts children at risk of illness, weak eyesight, and dangerous disease. Due to working at a young age, those children are not able to take advantage of their development opportunities and their lives end up as unskilled laborers.

Write Child Labour Essay in English

Child Labour means to engage children aged between 6 to 14 as laborers in unorganized sectors at a nominal pay. It is a social-economic problem. A tendency to engage little boys and girls in different sorts of activities is found all over the world. The children are found to work as servants in factories, houses, hotels, canteens wayside, and shops.

Children also work as helpers in garages and porters at buses, railway stations. It is a cruel practice undoubtedly. What is more painful is that they are tortured cruelly and denied proper wages. Only proper education is necessary to bring the cruel practice to an end. Child Labour Day is observed on 12 June every year to increase the awareness among the people against child labor.

Causes of Child Labour

In today’s time, the reason for this is child labour and in some countries, this reason may be common. This is often seen in countries where there is a lot of poverty and unemployment. The most important reason for this is that when a family has no income to earn, they put their child to work so that they can get the money to live their life. Also, when the family does not have the ability to educate their children, they are called to work for the child. When there are fewer earners in the family and more members in the family, they take their children to work, with the help of which they are able to meet the expenses of the family.

How can we Help Stop Child Labour?

We all have to take the necessary steps to stop child labour so that the future of any country does not get spoiled in the coming times. Therefore, we all need to follow effective solutions. There are some important steps to stop child labour.

  • To stop child labour, each family must first think that they are earning more than their income, poverty will end automatically so that the child does not have to pay wages.
  • The first duty of every parent is to give education to their child, every school and college must make more and more education free.
  • We need a strict law that prohibits children from working at an early age so that no company, factory, or restaurant can hire children.
  • Children should play sports in school along with education so that the interest of the child remains in studies.
  • We should raise the voice against child labour by forming more and more unions so that it ends in every country.




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