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Essay on Discipline in English

Essay on Discipline

Discipline means obedience to follow the basic rules of good manners in every walk of ​​our life. If we want safety and progress then we must follow discipline. Discipline should start from the family where children should obey their parents. In schools or colleges, students must maintain regularity in attending their classes and obey the teachers or principals. Players must follow the rules of the game in the field of play because without discipline team cannot win a game.

When we grow up and get employed, we must follow certain ethical rules, like punctuality, honesty, dutifulness, to make the institutions successful. Discipline plays an important role in the army as their indiscipline means death and defeat. An administrator should show a sense of discipline while running the administration because without it the whole system will crumble. But unfortunately, nowadays an atmosphere of indiscipline and chaos is being seen in many places. Lawbreakers should keep in mind that nothing can be achieved by showing indiscipline.

Importance of Discipline in Students Life Paragraph

Discipline is very important in student life. Student life is the initial stage of life. In this period of life, students should acquire good manners, obedience, values, and rules of proper behavior. Students should be disciplined in educational institutions for proper education. Sports also play an important role in educating the students to be disciplined in student life.

Without discipline, all the necessary qualities of the students can never be developed. He has to bear the brunt of this in his future life. Therefore, all the students should inculcate discipline in the early stage of their life for their development as it teaches honesty, punctuality, etc.

Advantage of Discipline Essay

  • Discipline is the best way by which one can get success in his life quickly.
  • Discipline always helps a person to focus on his goals in his life.
  • Discipline connects the mind and body of a person and gives him perfection in doing something good in life.
  • A disciplined person always has a good identity in society and he always gets respect from his society.
  • Wherever a disciplined person goes, he always leaves a positive impression on people’s minds with his good behavior.
  • A disciplined person gets more opportunities than an undisciplined person.



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