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My Favourite Teacher Essay

My favourite Teacher play a very important role in filling the life of a student. God has given us on the basis of blessings to the teachers in the world who teach their country and the world a good lesson, and with this, he makes his nation a good place. A teacher always likes those who are educated and teachers also like an educated society where everyone is educated, which is very right from a human point of view.

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My Favourite Teacher

My favorite teacher name is Rafiq Alam who considers teaching as a glorious role. Though he is a teacher of English, but also well perfect in mathematic. He teaches us mathematic beautifully following functional, accommodating, and informative methods. Besides that, he explains the geometric concept again and again without losing patience till all the students are being able to apply it fast.

He always helps us a lot to develop our thinking, writing skills as well. His presence of mind makes our class living as we learn something new daily. To speak the truth, he is just like a best friend and one of the best guiders. And from another side, he is very strict disciplinary and never compromises with what is wrong and unfair.

My Favourite Teacher 10 lines

  1. I like every teacher of mine, but Rafiq sir, I personally like it very much.
  2. He had been a class teacher in our class.

  3. By the way, he is an excellent teacher of English, but he also teaches mathematics.

  4. He makes teaching all of us so easy that we understand that lesson quickly.

  5. He never gets irritated every lesson before us making it as very attractive as possible more than other teachers.

  6. Our Rafik Sir is a very pure and kind person from the heart.

  7. He is never unsatisfied if I approach him with any problem outside the class.

  8. Along with education, he teaches us the values of good manners, education, and life.

  9. I am deeply indebted to him for inspiring my interest subject.

  10. For all these good habits of Rafiq sir, such as teaching style, disciplined, understanding, so he became one of my best favorite teachers. I like my teacher very much.



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