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Sports and Games Importance Essay for Students

Essay on Sports and Games

Sports and games are greatly essential in students and also person life. At this time a lot of attention is paid to physical exercise in the academic life of the students. For that, sports and games are very important. Be it students or sportsperson eagerly waiting for the annual sports season. Annual sports and games are organized every year in our school playground. Before the start, the participants take an oath to maintain the rules of the sports and obey the decision by the umpire. Various sports like running, jumping, cycle race, sack race, high jump, long jump, shot-put, cricket league, etc. are organized.

On sports day all the teachers, family members, non-participating students, and other spectators gather at the ground to cheer the athletes. At the end of the game, medals and prizes are distributed to the winner of the game by the sports officer or special guest who attends our annual school or ward festival sports day every year. Sports and games are always a source of excitement, happiness in the life of the student or sportsperson.

My Favorite Sports Essay

At this age, we have to be busy in our daily routine. But we all do something in our spare time like I play sports. Although I like many sports and games, my favorite and the closest to my heart sports is cricket. I loved the game of cricket since childhood, there are 11 players in each team, in which 2 teams are competing face to face. I love this game because cricket is a game that has passion, in this game no one can predict victory till the last ball. In this game sometimes the winner loses, and the loser wins. In the field, I see the batsman is batting, the bowler is bowling. I go to play cricket in the morning, then come back straight in the evening, I also play very good cricket. When I come out to bat, there is a different joy in my heart. My family members also know how much I love to play cricket, so they never stopped me from playing cricket.

Importance of  Sports and Games Essay

  • The main aim of sports and games is to provide physical fitness.
  • Sports help the students to build their body and strengthen their minds.
  • For this, these sports and games have been included as a subject in the school curriculum.
  • School sports teachers encourage each student to participate in sports and games every day during the sports period.
  • All kinds of sports and games teach discipline to the students.
  • Sports also make the students or persons physically fit and mentally alert.
  • On the other hand, sports and games teach cooperation.
  • These virtues teach the students or person to rise above meanness and to fight out obstacles in life.

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