Essay on Student Life Discipline, and Social Service

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Short Definition of Student

A student is one who enrolls in school or college and learns education and acquires his knowledge. He keeps his knowledge right from the start of education to achieve his goals through education, such as developing professions to gain employment in their respective fields.

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The value of discipline in student life is a bigger importance. Student life is the seed time of life. In this time period of life, students should learn excellent manners, obedience, social values and the rules of correct behavior. Discipline must be maintained in place of educational institutes for proper education. Games and sports are playing major role in student life to teach the students to be disciplined.

Where there is a lack of discipline, there is disorder as well. Without discipline, all the important qualities of the students can never be developed. If a student is indiscipline, he is deprived of learning social value. As a result, he has to suffer in future life. So, all the students should cultivate discipline in the early stage of their life for their becoming development because it teaches sincerity, punctuality, duties and etc.

Essay on Student and Social Service in English


Students are the one of the valuable future of a country. They should perform some duties to society. They may participate in different social work. They may always help to needful poor people and nurse the sick. They may interact with the people to drive out illiteracy. They may teach people how to be lived good about health. Student may make villagers people to take polio vaccine for their children.

Students may also make people aware about hazards of pollution as well as global warming. Students are the living force of society and they can change the social character by their selfless activities. For this reason, students are the best human being for society as well as nation.

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