Letter Writing Format In English, Formal Letter, Informal Letter writing format.
letter writing format

Letter Writing Format In English, Formal Letter, Informal Letter writing format.

Letter Writing Format in English

Letter writing format letter writing requires practice, knowledge of type properly, and the ability to understand your emotions, thoughts, and/or ideas into sentences. Learning the basic sections of a letter lets you build letters on different occasions. The person writing the letter is called the writer or sender.

Anyone who gets a letter is considered an addressee. No matter in which language the letter is written in the letter’s language should be clear and plain. If the receiver is unable to read clearly the letter, then Efforts will fail. Letter writing format

Writing a letter format letters of this sort must be legible and respectable, and so composing the letter is one of the most successful ways of ensuring that the letter shows a professional presence in the letter’s entire course, therefore positively impacting the letter recipient does matter. Letter writing format

Types of Letters

A letter is a written message from one person to another regarding some matter of common concern.

There are two types of letters:

·        Formal Letter

·        Informal Letter

1. What is a Formal Letter?

The formal letter is written business or Professional purpose with the specific objective in the mind it’s called be simple language easy to read and interpret. Formal letters were written is a return to government departments or businesses instead of an unknown individual.

The following points should remember into care when writing a Formal Letter writing format

·        Formal letter strictly follows the specified format.

·        In a Formal Letter, the subject line is very relevant.

·        A formal letter needs to be concise, and to the point.

·        When using formal letters of colloquial terms, and slang should be prohibited.

Types of Formal Letter Writing Format

1. Letters to advertisers

2. Letters to Editors

3. Letter to the Government

4. School Letters

5.  Order letter

6. Letters of Complaints

7. Application for Jobs

8.   Business letter

9.    Inquiry letter

10.  Invitation letter

11.  Request Letter

12.  Leave Application

13.  Letter to the police

14.  Resignation letter

15.  Teachers Letter

Formal Letter Format is as Important to Remember

·       SENDER Details:

Here comes the sender name, address, and contact and email details. The sender is the one who writes the letter.

·       DATE:

The date on the letter written suppose you are writing the letter on 20 November 2020 you can write in this way 20th Nov 2020

·        RECEIVER’S Details:

Here the name, address of the receivers. Receivers are the one who is receiving the letter and for whom the letter is written. (Principle/editor/Officer)

·        SALUTATION:

Salutation is the greetings use in a letter generally we use, (Dear Sir/Madam)


It is used so that the reader immediately knows what the letter is about

·        BODY:

The Body of the letter contains the actual message.

·        PARAGRAPH:

A paragraph of the letter can be found in this first paragraph and it is important to describe the thoughts to be expressed in the rest of the letters.


It is the write end the letter, basically means Goodbye in general terms. It’s generally used (Yours faithfully/Yours Sincerely).

·      SENDER NAME, SIGNATURE, and Designation is also be added if required

2. What is an Informal Letter?

The informal letter is composed of a casual or emotional tone for private communications. Informal letters simply know that those written friends and closed family members instead of business.

The following points should remember into care when writing an informal letter writing format

·        In an Informal Letter the Subject line is not needed.

·        An Informal Letter may include specific information.

·        The Informal Letter language must be acceptable and pleasant.

Types of Informal Letter Writing Format

1. Letters of invitation

2. Congratulation Letters

3. Letters of Consolation

4. Letter to Relative and Friends

Informal Letter Format is as Important to Remember

Note: In informal Letters, two details are not necessary

1. Receiver’s details – as the sender already knows for whom he is writing the letter.

 2. Subject – as there not be subject any fixed subject for with the letter written.

Informal Letter Format:

·       SENDER Details: Name, address, and contact and email details.

·       DATE: The date of a letter written

·        SALUTATION: (Hi/Hello/dear)

·        BODY: (actual message)

·        COMPLIMENTARY CLOSING: (Your loving/Sincerely)


Sample Formal Letter Format

Q. Letter to complaining about insufficient water supply.

The Residence of Howrah

Kolkata 700085


The Chairman,

Borough II

Kolkata corporation,

Kolkata 700013

Sub: Application for Insufficient Water Supply


We, the resident of Howrah, Ashigar, beg to bring to your notice the following facts for your information and immediate action:

The tap water supply from the Municipal overhead tank is most inadequate in the area. Domestic supply does not cover even 25% of the household.

That supply too is inadequate and erratic. As result, most of the residents have to depend on tube wells.

That there is no wayside water tap in the area and most of the municipal tube wells are out of order.

Under the circumstance, the inhabitants are facing great hardship and request you to please take the necessary steps to get the tube wells repaired and to sanction a few more new tube wells urgently.

With thanks,

Yours faithfully,


Sample Informal Letter Format Congratulation of Friend

Q. Letter to friend congratulation him on his success.

Sender Name

Full Address,



Dear Shejada,

Accept my heartiest congratulation on your brilliant success in the joint entrance examination I’m overwhelmed by your success with excitement, because I still have high expectations for you, and it is proven true. Securing a position within the first hundred is a rare feat of which you can really be proud, as you have made us proud, too.

Now your future life is going to take define the shape and I hope this success is only the beginning I expect more and more success from you in the years to come. I am sure you will be proving worthy of our trust.

With best wishes,

Your loving friends,


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