How to Unblock Sbi Atm Card Letter

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How to Unblock Sbi Atm Card by written letter and activate own blocked atm card through writing a letter. We will write an application to the bank manager to unblock our ATM card in both Hindi and English formats on how to unblock atm cards.

Some cases of our ATM card being block

1. We try to enter the wrong PIN more than three times

2. Our ATMs are blocked and cannot function within 24 hours.

3. Sometimes bank employees close it permanently when something goes wrong with our ATM.

Sample of Unblock ATM  Card Letter

The Branch Manager,

Bank Name,


City, Pin


Re: An Application for Unblock Atm Card

Dear Sir,

Start with respect, I hope you are living well or reading it in good health. I want to inform you, so I am writing this letter to you. I have an account on your branch which no is……….. For my mistake to enter the wrong pin at the time again and again, so that reason of my atm card is blocked on this date……

So, I request you to unblock it for my use as soon as possible. I hope you will take quick action soon if you do I will be very thankful to you.

Thanking You.


Yours Sincerely

Account Holder Signature: –

Name: –

Account Number: –

Contact Number: –


How to Unblock Sbi Atm Card Letter


The Manager,

(Bank Name)

(Branch Address)

Sub: – Unblock Sbi ATM Card

I have to inform you that I have been an account holder in your bank for a long time. When I tried to withdraw money from an ATM, I tried several times, but I did not get the money. Meanwhile, the machine started displaying a message for the blocked Atm card to me. Since I swiped the ATM card more than three times, I request you to unblock my ATM card so that I can withdraw my money from anywhere at any time. I would appreciate your immediate service attention to this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

(Account Holder Name)

(Account Number)

(Bearing ATM Card Number)


Another format unblock Sbi ATM card in English

The Manager,

State Bank of India,


Sub: – unblock atm card

With humble regards, I hope you are studying in good health. I am a student of Higher Secondary, and I have an exciting savings bank account in your branch……………..(mentioned your branch address). Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the automated My ATM card got blocked three days ago.

Your atm card bearing no……………. Therefore, I need to unblock it for my daily use, and please issue me a new unblocked ATM card as soon as possible.

Your Customer,

(Account Holder Name)

(Account Number)

(Contact Number)


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