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Informal Letter Format – How to Write Informal Letter

The informal letter format for private correspondence is composed of a casual or emotional tone. Informal letters clearly understand that instead of a company, these written friends and close family members.

Types of Informal Letter Format

  1. Letter to Relative and Friends
  2. Congratulation Letters
  3. Letters of invitation, etc.

Informal letter format from a son to his father.



New Delhi

Date: D/M/Y

My dear Father,

I received your letter today, feeling guilty about keeping you and mother quiet and worried about me. We are going to hold a marriage ceremony function here before the closure of our college for Christmas.

I, as one of the main parts of the proposed marriage function, was very busy with the preparation of the ceremony and thus forgot to drop you a letter in time. I hope you will please excuse me for the lapse. I am keeping well—my respect to you and mother and love to [your brother, sister if mentioned]. 

Your loving son,

[Your name]

Letter to Sister inquiring about her health in English.



My Dear Sister,

I have just received a letter from [his, her name] and learn that you are not keeping well. He has not written in detail about the nature of the ailment, and that has added to my anxiety. I hope you have already seen a doctor and as per his advice, have taken medication. Please do not neglect to take diet and medicine regularly and on time.

I have learned that when you are too diligent about other people’s welfare, you are too casual about your own health. I wished I would be by your side to take care of you, but my last annual examination is just knocking at the door, and I am terrified, the father may disapprove of my going home right now. I pray to God that he may make you all right very soon.

My respect to you and father, mother, and love to [here your other’s family members]. I’m going to wait anxiously for more news about your health.

Your  affectionate son/daughter,


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Letter to a friend congrats and advising him to work hard.



I have received your letter along with a xerox of your performance sheet. First of all, I want to give you the congrats on this level of victory. 

I am gladly happy that you came out successful in that level of sports but, I could not at all be satisfied with the numbers obtained to the next level within a year.  You are a go-to for advanced sports level along with thousands of other your competition candidates. Only a few hundred out of thousands will get a chance to jump to the next level. 

You have a lot of competition at that level which is thinking about defeating you. So, you are among those few hundred at the top. If you are doing well and thinking about how to beat your rivals, then you will win these levels to the next final level.

You should, therefore, devote more time to practice, especially for your that format. I was watching your previous performance that you were a little weak in running.

Your loving friend,


Informal letter to a friend inviting him to your home occasion

[Full Address]


Dear Alex,
On the 25th of Christmas in my home, We arranged a small event party, and you’ll be pleased to know that a party will be held at our old residence on Wednesday at 9 p.m. on that occasion. It is my earnest request for you to be present at my party at home.
There will be music, dance, dinner, and many of our common relatives and friends will be present at the party. Your presence will be on occasion, a source of great joy for us all.

Yours truly,

[Your Name]


Format of informal letter is straightforward to you can understand and write as your condition through our informal letter format. There is another informal letter in it to a friend format if you required, and you can let us know in the comment you want so that we can put that format on our post.

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