1. Bank Letters

NOC Letter Format in Word to Bank for Loan, Exams

You will write a letter to your bank, office very easily through this noc letter format for the bank or office.

NOC Letter Format for Bank Loan

The Bank Manager,
Name of the bank,
Address of branch
Sub: – Request for Noc Complete Loan
Dear Sir,
It begins with respect. I want to inform you that I took a loan of rupees _________ [loan amount] to your bank from two years ago for the [purchase of my bike, for study, for build a home]. I paid it in the full amount of the loan last week on______[Date] without interruption. At this time I want to apply for a loan for business, for medical treatment, [mention your requirement] right now the policy of the new state government is that the person should be solvent and pay all his debts. Bank NOC is required as proof.
So, it is my kind request to you to please issue me NOC from your bank.
Thank you,
Yours Sincerely,
Name &Address

NOC Letter to Issue a Car From Bank

(Loan Account Holder Name),
(Register Address),
(Contact Number),

The Bank Manager,
(Branch Name),
(Branch Address)

Sub: An Application for issue of No-Objection Certificate (NOC) Loan number_____in the name of account holder______

Respect Sir/Madam,
I obtained a loan from your bank to purchase my car, whose (Brand, Model no is). The loan account number for my car loan is… The installment of my last previous loan was due (date). My loan has paid the unpaid amount on time. Bank NOC is required as proof; I humbly request you to issue a NOC or loan clearance certificate from your bank under a car finance agreement and forward my registered address in the same bank record.
Please fast like the needy.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
(Loan account holder name & sign)

NOC Letter Format in Word to Bank for Vehicle

The Bank Manager,
Bank Name,

Sub: An application for noc for vehicle

Dear Sir,
We have taken the above two-wheeler installment from your bank which was for three years, which I have matured over time. There is no installment left. I always deposited my installment ahead of time, due to which we had a good relationship with the bank. You are requested to kindly issue me NOC and provide CNIC number to [Applicant full name] S/o [Father name] residence of [full address].
1. Documents File
2. No Objection Certificate
3. Loan Number
Thanks for your early action is highly appreciated.

Yours Faithfully,
Applicant Name
Authorized Signature

No Objection Certificate NOC for Exams?

______________(Sender Details)
______________(Receiver Details)

Sub: Request to issue No Objection Certificate

Dear Sir,
It starts with respect, my name is (your name), I want to inform you that. I am applying for (here your exams name), (example, government exams) 20XX of the advertisement no (1222) on (dated). From this advertisement, I get to know that a No Objection Certificate is necessary before applying for these exams. I think this exam is to the best of my ability. I believe in myself and the prayer of all of you, I will definitely pass this exam with very good marks.
Therefore, I request you to please issue me a No Objection Certificate applying for those examinations. I will be highly grateful to you in this regard. An advertisement hard copy is attached to the letter.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
(Applicant name)



From the above no objection certificate format, I think your requirement will be fulfilled, if you still need more format, you can tell me in the comment that I will try to write it too.


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