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Letter to bank convert joint account to single account often we joint our son, daughter, or wife with our account to operate the account, but if they are not there for some reason, then we have to change our account from joint to single, for which we have to apply to the bank. With the help of our given below format, you can write a letter to your bank letter very easily.

Joint Account to Single Account Letter

The Bank Manager
___________Bank Name,
___________Branch, District

Subject – Application for converting the joint account to single.

Respected Sir,
We have a savings bank account with your branch bearing number (account number) is operated jointly by me and my son/daughter/wife. So, now I want to remove the son/daughter/wife’s name from this account as he/she no longer lives here.
Note: Cause of convert joint to a single account. (If there is a daughter, then she is married / and if he is a son, then he has gone out to work / and if she is a wife, then she is divorced).

The details of the removal account holder are given below: –
Name –
Customer Id –
Ages –

Hence, I am requesting to convert my joint account to a single account. I hope this happens as soon as possible, for this I will always be grateful to you.
Yours sincerely
Account Holder Signature
Account number:___________
Note: Submit the KYC with relevant documents, and any other required form by the bank along with the application form.


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