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Letter to principal for pay fees in instalments

Application for Payment of college fees in installment

The principal of college,
College name & address,
Sub: Installment fees payment request
Dear [College/University Name],
I am writing to request an option to pay my college fees in installments for the upcoming academic year. Due to my current financial situation, it would be more viable for me to break the total fee into manageable payments during the semester/quarter.
I assure you that I am committed to completing my education and meeting all financial obligations. If possible, I kindly request information on the procedure and deadlines for applying for this payment arrangement.
Thank you for your understanding and consideration.
Yours Sincerely,
[Your Name]
Semester/ Registration Number

Letter to principal for pay fees in instalments

The Principal,
Name of School,
Address of School
Sub: Application for request pay fees in instalments
Respected Sir/Madam,
This is to bring to your kind attention that my name__________(Parent’s Name) Guardian of_________(Student’s Name) is studying in your school in class________(Mention Class) whose roll number is_________(Mention Roll).
I am  writing this request letter to seeking permission to pay my child’s fee of Rs.(mention fee amount)_________in________(number of instalments) instalments for this season__________ (mention year of season). The reason for the instalment payment is____________ (give reason for the instalment fee). So, please consider this as a positive request and allow my son/daughter to continue studying in your school.
Thanking you,
Your Faithfully,
Parent Name


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