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Mobile Lost Complaint Letter to Police

Mobile lost complaint letter to police when our mobile is lost or stolen, it is very important for us to inform the police that no one can misuse with our mobile or SIM. This time we have to write a letter to report at your local police station, with the help of the below-given letter format you can write a lost phone letter very easily.

Mobile Lost Complaint Letter to Police

Your Name,

The Officer in Charge,
Police Station Name,
Police Station Full Address

Subject: An application for complaining about lost mobile

Respected Sir,
It starts with humble respect, my name is [Your Name] I residence of [your address]. I would like to inform you that I have lost or misplaced my mobile phone at [place name] on [Dated]. The phone is a new version of Vivo V20 pro with a metallic blue back cover. The IMEI number of my phone is [Mentioned IMEI number] while the serial number is [serial number]. Along with the lost phone, my SIM card was also in the phone whose number is [Sim Number]. The cost of my lost phone is Rs 25000 at the time.
I request you to kindly register my complaint and get me a copy of the same so that I can talk to customer care to block my sim and get again same number. I would appreciate it if you can follow the necessary procedures to find and recover my missing device as soon as possible. For identification, I have mentioned above all the details of the missing device to make it easier for you to locate the phone.
Thanking you,
Yours Faithfully,


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