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My Family Essay, Paragraph in English

My Family Essay

We have a small family consisting of my parents, my two elder sisters, a younger brother, and myself. My father’s name is Salim, he is self-employed and my mother’s name is Mamina, she is a housewife. My parents are teachers and they have love and affection for me. We know that parents are representatives of God on earth. Parents are always ready to scarify their own interests for their children. Parents are the dearest, important, and most valuable people in this world for us. We all should respect and love our parents very much.

Just like a mother loves her child openly, the father does not love his children openly, the father is a bit strict, he does not express their love to the child, but we know that the father also likes and loves the children as a mother does. Every child should consider his parents as his role model and whatever he receives from his parents; the child should also follow him. The most important duty of every child is to praise the qualities of goodness by their parents.

Importance of My Family Essay Best Lines

  • Parents are opened minded and their dealings are always fair from any side.
  • Parents always share joys and sorrows and pay attention to understanding their child’s problems.
  • Parents are always teaching his/her child that the first and foremost duty of a student is to study and to shine in life by sincere devotion and constant practice to study.
  • Parents always think well for their children and take the right decisions in the life of their children.
  • Parents do not enjoy their life too much because they keep all their happiness for their children and they always take care of how to make their child happy and parents are ready to do everything for it.
  • It is very important for every child to have a parent’s shadow because our parents become the light of our future.

My Parents Hobbies

My father’s best hobby is reading the newspaper every morning, playing Ludo games on the sports field. My father’s most favorite hobby is traveling by train and listening to music while traveling.

My mother’s hobby is completely different from my father’s as my mother does not like to travel much. But it is not that my mother has no hobby, my mother’s favorite hobby is watching daily shop serials in the evening, cooking, doing morning work for physical fitness.


It is necessary for every child to have the support of both the parents and every child should respect their parents, follow the path shown by them, always support the truth, and love their parents very much. I love my parents more than my life.

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