What is Notice and Definition of Notice?

Notice writing format a notice is a very effective communication, whether public or private. Notices that you see in your school notice-board are called Private Notices. On the other hand, the notices printed in the newspapers or telecast on the TV, Sports are called Public Notice writing format.

Notices play a very important role in our modern lifelike, on |School notice board| Private notice | TV notice | Public Notice. Notice writing format

Important Tips When You Write Notice Remember That

  1. Write the word NOTICE in capital letters at the center.
  2. Write a heading just below capitalized NOTICE.
  3. Write the date on the top right corner or on the left bottom margin.
  4. Signature of the person issuing the notice to given at the bottom right corner.
  5. The notice should be countersigned by the competent authority if needed.
  6. The notice must be short and formal.
  7. Use the present and the Future Tenses.
  8. Generally, the notice is written in the passive voice.

Notice Writing Format in Cbse School

Question: Suppose you are the Secretary of the Eco-club of your school. Now write a notice (in 120 words) for the students on ‘Safe Drinking Water’ to make them conscious about the problem of drinking water.

  • Use the following points:
POINTS: Water: a great need – source and substance of life – vital basic need – safe water for drinking – unsafe water – cause of disease like diarrhea, jaundice, typhoid – in India – unsafe water – a great problem – UNICEF program is taken for safe water for all
The Notice will be countersigned by the teacher-in-charge of Eco-club.


(For safe drinking water)

It is known to all that water is a great need for everyone. It is the source and substance of life. It is a matter of great regret that this vital basic need is being polluted day by day. Safe drinking water is needed to maintain a healthy life. But the problem is that in India there is a crisis of safe drinking water. It is also known to all that unsafe water may cause a disease like diarrhea, jaundice, typhoid, and etc. These water-borne diseases may even cause death. so, a UNICEF program for safe water for all has been taken on behalf of the Eco-club of our school .all the student of our school are hereby requested to attend the program.

Countersigned by                                                                           Sd/- K. Paul

Sd/- Arindom Roy                                                                          (Secretary)

Date: 15.8.2020                                         (Seal)                         Eco-club

(Teacher in charge, Eco-club)                                                     Models High School

Models High School                                                                       P.O. Kolkata, Block –

                                                                                                            Burdwan  Dist.

WORD NOTES:  – source – regret – vital – polluted – maintain – healthy life – safe – water-borne – on behalf of – UNICEF – United Nation International Children’s’ Emergency Fun
Format of notice writing

Sample Notice Writing Format Headmaster

Question: Suppose you are the captain of your school. Write a Notice for the students of your school to raise funds for ‘Aila’ victims. The notice is to be countersigned by the Headmaster of your school.

  • You may also use the following point’s format of notice writing:
POINTS: Large-scale destruction caused by ‘Aila’ – the suffering of the Aila-victims – funds to be raised – clothes and medicines may also be collected.
notice writing format


(For raising funds for the Aila-victims)

It is to be notified of the students of our school that our school has decided to help the Aila-victims of West Bengal with clothes, medicines, and money. The affected people are really in the distressing condition in this hour of great crisis, we should come forward to help those helpless. So, the students are hereby asked to contribute either in cash or kind, if possible, both to the Aila-hit people. The contributions must reach the undersigned on or before the 31st October, co-operation from all in highly solicited. For details, the students may contact the undersigned during the Tiffin period.

Countersigned by                                                                                       SD/-A.K Pal

SD/-………………….                            (Seal)                         Sonarpur High School (HS)

Date: 22.10.14                                                                   P.O.Sonarpur, Dist.24 Pge. (S)

Sonarpur High School (HS)

WORD NOTES. * Aila-victims * affected *distressed *crisis *helpless * contribution * co-operation * solicited * contact.
Notice writing format

Notice Writing Format Welfare Section

Question: There have been a number of cholera cases in your locality. Write a notice, as the Secretary of Welfare Section of your School, giving the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ instructions for the students (about 120 words.) format of notice writing.


                                                (For cholera precaution)

It is for information of all the students in general that cholera has started suddenly in are locality in an epidemic form. It’s a very infectious disease. A number of cholera cases are already reported for the last two weeks. Hospital and local Health centers are alerted. For that, students are advised to take the Following as precautionary steps:

Drink only boiled waterDo not use dirty water from ponds.
Keep your kitchen and home clean.Do not take any food which is regularly uncovered.
Keep your food and water properly protected from flies.Do not take cut-fruits from wayside hawkers.
Use bleaching powder or Phenyl in the house.Do not make a heap of garbage in drains.
Contact local medical team for properDo not avoid inoculation from the medical teams.
Notice writing format

Countersigned by                                                                                        SD/-B.Sarkar

SD/-…………………                                                                                         (Secretary)

(Headmistress)                                                                                                 Welfare Section,

Date: 2.11.14.                                                                                            

B.K.B.V.(HS)                                                                        P.O.Beldanga,Dist.Murshidabad

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