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Paragraph Writing Topics, Format

What is paragraph writing?

A paragraph is a short composition expressing one’s own idea in the correct language. Paragraph writing topics deal with one idea, and that idea is developed with several sentences grouped. 
The candidates will be given to write a topic with appropriate hints/outlines, and they will be required to show the gradual development of thought logically to relate to the central idea. Continuity of thought, logical development of an idea, and coherence are the main features of a good paragraph.

How do we write paragraphs in writing format?

Paragraph writing better using simple sentences according to tenses [Active and Passive] as far as possible. Avoid writing complicated sentences to be safe from mistakes. The central idea may be stated in the first sentence of the middle sentence or the concluding sentence. 
Start your paragraph with a suitable title. The title should be written in a capital letter. If the title of a paragraph writing topic is given in the question paper in the second person, you should paragraph in English in the first person in your answer paper. 

Types of Paragraph

There are different-different types of good paragraphs:

  • Biography
  • Educational
  • Game and Sports
  • Journey and visiting 
  • Environmental 
  • Fairs
  • Science 
  • Season
  • Festivals



Duties of Students Paragraph

The first and foremost duty of a student is to study. Students are the nation builders of tomorrow. They should study and gain as much knowledge as possible. They must learn to be diligent and must devote time to learn more and more. The world is changing fast, so they should keep pace with it. They should form good habits to fight the evils of society. They should acquire knowledge as knowledge is power, and no nation can prosper without knowledge.
They must shun bad company because it leads to the path of ruin. Students must have good character and must learn the principles of health and hygiene. They should cultivate the habits of truthfulness and develop intellectual power. Every student should train himself in such a way that in the future, he may render his service to the country. Otherwise, all his education will go in vain.

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Paragraph Writing on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Subhas Chandra Bose was one of the greatest national patriots of India. He was born at Cuttack in Odisha on 23rd January 1897. He passed the Matriculation from the Ravenshaw School at Cuttack. He passed the BA Examination with Honours in Philosophy from the Scottish Church College, Kolkata. After I went to England to compete for the ICS Examination, he stood forth in the ICS but refused to join the Civil Service under the British. He decided to join the freedom movement of India.

subhas compressed
Paragraph on Netaji Subhas Chandra

He was elected Mayor of Kolkata for his extraordinary personality. He was also elected the President of the Indian National Congress for his spirited mind. After that, he went abroad and organized the INA to fight the British. Unfortunately, his attempt did not succeed. It is said that Subhas Chandra died in a plane crash, but it is still a mystery.


Paragraph writing, essay topics in English is straightforward to you can write through our format paragraph in English. If you needed, there is another paragraph writing examples in it, and you can let us know in the required comment so that we can put that format on our post. Paragraph writing topics


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