1. Request Letters

Application for Passport Urgent, Renewal Sample

You can write an urgent renewal Application for Passport to the Regional Office from the format given below. So you can only change the layout of our letter as per your requirements.

Application for Urgent Passport

The Regional Passport Office,
Office Address,

Sub: – An Application for Urgent Passport

Respected Sir,
Concerning starting, I have to request you that. I, [Applicant Name), an applicant of the new passport, sir, need an urgent passport for my educational reasons. However, I have paid the fee in the [payment source name] for this purpose. I was also told it might take longer than the time one of them said. It is, therefore, requested that you kindly make the processing faster.
Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,

Another Format of Urgent passport Letter

The Regional Passport Office,
Office Address,

Sub: – Urgent Passport

Respected Sir,
It is said that I have to go for medical treatment from outside the country, which mostly requires a valid passport. The standard period for the passport process is forty days, which will not meet my requirement, and I will not be able to go for the treatment. [mention your situation]
Therefore, I request you to kindly process my passport application quickly to get my passport on my time, and you have a tatkal passport plan available. So, I will pay whatever extra charges are there for the Tatkal passport. I hope to get my passport within my period. For which I would be very grateful to you from my heart.
Thanking you,

Yours truly,
[Your Name],
[Contact & Signature]

Letter for Renewal Passport

[Authority Passport Office],
[Your Passport Office Address],

Sub: Application for a renewal passport

Respect Sir,
With due respect, humble submission. I hope you’re reading it in good health. However, I [applicant name], am the applicant for my passport to be renewed. My passport number is [mention passport number]. I submitted a request fifteen days ago, supporting my necessary documents for a quick passport.
Processing time told me that three to five working days had already gone. It is, therefore, requested that you do that please inform me about your status.
With best regards,
[Your name]
[Passport number]



How to write a passport request letter for urgent, renewal passport is very easy to you can write as your condition through our given letter format. If you needed there is another report writing sample format in it, you can let us know in the required comment so that we can put that format on our post.


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