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Letter of Permission to be Absent from Work, School

What is a Permission Letter?

A permission letter is a formal letter, which is written to take the high authority permission to the principal, manager, etc for any other reason that is based on your terms. Thus, employees and students will have to take permission from their manager or principal for holidays, marriage ceremonies, vacation trips, etc, where they will not be able to participate in study or work during the period.

How to Write Permission Letter?

To write a permission letter, first, you need to write the sender’s details (note: sometimes it’s better not to write it because the person you are writing the letter to should be known to you). After that, It is very important that you have to write the complete details of the receiver to whom you are writing the letter. If you are writing a letter in company 1st you have to write the company name, manager name with the organization proper address. And below it, you will also write the date on letter writing.

Writing a subject is very important because the subject itself reveals the true purpose of your letter. It is used so that the reader immediately knows what the letter is about. You have to write the subject in only a few lines.

After that, you need to start writing a letter with a salutation, which is the salutation used in the commonly used letter (Dear, Respected, Hello Sir/Madam). Then you have to write the main part of the letter which is called the body. The Body of the letter describes your actual message. End of the letter you have to write a complimentary closing (Your loving/Sincerely).

Parents Permission Letter to School 

The Principal/Headmaster,
School/College Name,

Sub: Permission for Leave

Respected Sir,
I, [Parent Name] parent of son/daughter [student name], studying [your class/year] a student of your reputed school/college. I am writing this request letter to get your permission that my son/daughter will not be able to attend school for [number of days].

Note: There can be other reasons for children not going to school.

  1. Due to illness, he could not attend school from _______ date of November 2021. Therefore, I request you to permit them to leave from school from this _________ date to this _________ date.
  2. I and my husband are going out for some work, we will not be at home for a few days, so my daughter/son will stay at home to take care of the house. Therefore, I request you to obtain permission for _______ [number of days] leave from school for my son/daughter.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Guardian Signature
Student Name
Class & Roll

Letter of Permission to be Absent from Work

(Sender Name & Address)

The Manager,
(Company Name)
(Manager Name)
(Company Address)

Subject: Permission for Leave

Dear Sir/Madam,
I, [Your Name] a employee of your company [Company Name] working as a [Designation]. I am writing you this request letter to seek permission to take leave for [Number of Days]. The reason for leaving is because my cousin/friend (brother/sister) is getting married on this date (Date). As you know, weddings are very important in our culture. He has invited our entire family and asked everyone to come.
I hope that my leave of absence will not interfere with the upcoming work of the company, as I will clear all my pending work before taking leave. I am waiting for your reply. I look forward to your positive response.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
[Your Name]

Letter to Your Father to Asking Tour Permission and Money

[Full Address]

I would like to inform you that our friends has arranged a [Tour/Function] to [Place Name]. The tour will be of [No of Days] only. The tour party will be guided by my [Friend Name]. It’s expected that we will start on [Date]. It will cost me Rupees [Amount] only. [Your tour place name] is a beautiful/historical place. You know that I am found of visiting places of mountain interest [mention your interest place]. So, I like to avail myself of this opportunity. So far I will be come to know, there will be [No of Friends] in the tour party.

You know that I am fond of visiting places of mountain interest [mention your interest place]. So, I like to avail myself of this opportunity. So far I will become to know, there will be [No of Friends] in the tour party.
I hope this journey will remove the laziness in my studies and give me the energy to continue my studies. Kindly give me your permission and send me money as soon. I will be waiting for your positive reply papa.
Yours Truly Son,
[Your Name]


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