Bank Statement Request Letter Format

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You will be able to write a Bank Statement Request Letter to your bank manager very easily through this format for the request letter for a bank statement. Everyone needs to record their bank’s transactions, which are taken in months, but the bank is given a letter for which they have an account.

Bank Statement Request Letter


The Manager,

Bank of India,


Sub: – bank statement 

Dear Sir,
I started with humility with the respect that I am a savings account holder in Kolkata, India. However, I opened an account for my company. Being an office chief, I need to pay the employee every last mount. Therefore, I need a monthly bank statement of my retained account balance as proof. I want an account maintenance certificate with bank details. Therefore, please issue me the required detailed documents.

Yours Sincerely,

(Account Holder Name)

(contact number)


Another Bank Statement Letter Format

The Manager,

HDFC Bank,


Sub: – Request for bank statement

Respected Sir,

Sir, it has been said respectfully that I am the account holder of your branch (name of the account holder) (Mentioned father’s name) my account number is…….. Sir, here it is said that I have to apply for a minority loan to build my house, so I went to a minority office to get information. The employee there informed me about the need to take a loan, stating that your bank account transactions would also be seen; they asked me to attach the bank details of their account. Sir, I wholeheartedly request you to issue my bank statement. Thank You.

Your Customer

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