Job Transfer Letter Sample

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Transfer request letter a job transfer is a formal letter from which a person is Request Letter for Transfer of Job Person to a different office location for the better of a company or organization. In the job transfer letter, you need to keep in mind why you are applying for the applicant transfer, and it is very important to have the details in your letter.

Transfer Letter of Job Person 


Sri Ashok Kant

South point,


Date: 12 February 2017



Pankaj Srivastav

Town Road,


Sub:  transfer job letter

I hope you are reading this in good health, and I am writing this to bring to your attention that I am requesting a formal transfer to a different location within the organization/composition. I would like to make a humble request to move to a new place. __________ there is our office, as you know, to accept my request transfer location in different states where my entire family lives. And I will also be happy that my time will be spent with my family, and my focus on work will be better.

This time will be very beneficial for my family and me as we are with each other. Again, I am pleased to request you to transfer my job location, and I hope you will allow me. If you agree, I would be happy to enable it, and please let me know if it can be provided.

Thank you,




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