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How to write complaint letter to police

Sample of fir letter in police station A police complaint is a legal letter written to plan after an action or particular incident. For example, it can also be noted for some lost objects or any disturbance. This is sent to the police department calling for legal action to be taken on the lost document, sim card, bicycles and etc report matter. 

How do I Write a Missing FIR to the Police Station?


The Inspector-in-Charge,

Name of Police Station,


Sub: Missing Bicycle

Respect Sir,

I would like to inform you that my bicycle had been lost on the 24th of Nov 2019 between 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. at the Bank. I would be left the cycle properly locked in front of the bank and went to deposit an installment of my brother in the cash counter. When I coming out of the bank, I found my cycle missing. I searched for half an hour but failed to find it out.  My bicycle was brand new with a decent basket in front. I purchased it from Honda Bicycle Company. So far, I remember, the number is wb72-00543. It is black and 20 inches high. I, therefore, request you to take the necessary steps to find my lost bicycle.

Thanking you Sir,       

Yours faithfully,





Sample of FIR Letter in Police Station for Lost Documents

Your Name,

Full Address


The Officer-in-Charge,

[Name Your Local Police Station],

[Full Address],

Sub: lost document 

Dear Sir,
Around 2.40 pm today. I visited the local LIC office. I went there with some of my important work so, I put my bag on the nearby table, After finishing my work, I noticed that my bag was missing from the table. Counter officials confirmed that someone was tracking your bag, they suspected that the person may have come with you, but they did not know that he was someone else. In addition to Rs.3,000 / – cash, the following documents were also in my bag which is very important to me. If you use your good offices to recover my lost documents, I will be your highly obliged.
Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,


List of Documents:




FIR Letter to the Police Station for Missing Sim Card

The Officer in Charge
Police Station Name,

Sub: – An Application for Missing Sim Card

Respected Sir,

With due respect, my name is [Your Name] a residence of [Your Address]. I am writing this letter to inform you that my “Sim Card’’ has been missing with my mobile in the local locality. Whose numbers are: – (Your Mobile Number). Therefore, I am writing you a request letter for a missing Sim, so that if anyone is using it to do something wrong, I will have my proof through this report. By the way, I have got this number blocked by talking to my sim card official customer care. So, I request you to let me know if you receive my phone with the sim card.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully

Dated: XX/XX/XX


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