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Police FIR is a legal letter which is written for planning an action or after a particular incident. For example, it can also be noted for some lost things. It is sent to the police department demanding legal action on the report of missing documents, sim cards, stolen bicycles and etc.

How do I write a FIR Letter? Topics

Before writing a FIR letter, you should remember some important points or topics.

  • Mention your full name, father name and full residence details.
  • Write down your local police station name and full address where the incident took place within the area.
  • Mention the date and time with complete information of the place of occurrence or crime.
  • If you lost any important things then you should write the full details of those things related to your documents or bills like name place where you lost the documents or bills.
  • Mention your lost documents number.

Sample of FIR Letter in Police Station

_______________Your Name,

The Officer in Charge,
_______________Police Station Name,
_______________Police Station Full Address

Sub: Issue of Missing Report.

Respected Sir,
This letter begins with due respect I, the undersigned, Mr./Mrs. _______________ [your name], age____________ [age] ___________ residence of [your address]. I would like to inform you that that my below mentioned Documents lost/misplaced at Home/ office/other place while going from _______________to______________at _____________ [place name] on______________[date]. I searched my documents a lot but still can’t find. Now I think I have lost/misplaced my following documents:
1. Voter ID Number –
2. Aadhaar Card Number –
3. Passport Number –
4. Ration Card Number –
5. Driving License –

Note: Here you have to mention your lost documents that which documents you lost.

So I register my complaint against the missing of the above document and request you to issue the necessary missing report so that no one can misuse my documents. That it is necessary for me to submit the said missing report to the office so that I can get the duplicate documents.
Thanking you,
Yours Faithfully,

Another FIR Letter in Police Station for Stolen Bicycles

_______________Your Name,

_______________The Inspector in Charge,
_______________Name of Police Station,

Sub: Complaining Stolen Bicycle

Respect Sir,
I would like to inform you that my bicycle had been lost on the____________[date] between 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Bank. I would lock the bicycle properly in front of the office went to deposit a premium of my brother/sister in the cash counter. Coming out from the office, I found that my bicycle was missing. I searched for half an hour but couldn’t find it. My bicycle was brand new and had a nice basket in front. I bought it from Honda Cycle Company. So far, I remember, the number is___________[your missing bicycle number]. It is black and 20 inches high. I, therefore, request you to take the necessary steps to find my lost bicycle.
Thanking you Sir,

Yours faithfully,

Letter to Police Station for Missing Sim Card

The Officer in Charge
Police Station Name,

Sub: – Missing Sim Card

Respected Sir,

It is starts with humble respect, my name is_________[Your Name] residence of_________ [Your Address]. I am writing this letter to inform you that my “Sim Card’’ has been missing with my mobile in the locality my mobile number is_________ (Missing Mobile Number). So, I am writing you a complaint letter for a lost sim, so that if someone is using it to do something wrong, then I will have my proof through this report. By the way, I have got this number blocked by talking to the official customer care. So, I request you to let me know if you receive my phone with SIM card.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully
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