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Summary Writing Examples with Answer for Class 9,10,12

What is summary?

Today summary writing has been significantly more popular than modern because at that time people have no time to spend on a lengthy piece of writing. According to the Oxford Learner’s dictionary, the word summary writing examples simply means a brief statement of the main points of something.

How to write a summary?

  • Read the given passage very carefully time and again to have an idea of the central thought.
  • Underline the main points or ideas of the passage.
  • Arrange the thought logically.
  • Do not introduce the answer to any new idea or thought.
  • There’s no scope for using the direct form of narration.
  • Don’t make suggestions at all.

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What are the five steps in writing a good summary?

  1. Don’t include anything that is not the original passage.
  2. Using either the ‘Third Person’ or ‘we’ at the time of answering.
  3. A maximum half of the original passage can be the length of the summary.
  4. Credit is given if it’s briefer.
  5. The style should look lucid and clear.

Summary Writing Examples with Answer

Make a summary of the following passage

From the moment we are born, we cannot live alone. We stand in continual need of assistance all around us, for body, soul, and spirit. We need clothes with other men make houses, which other men build food, which other men produce we have to get our livelihood by working for other, while others get their livelihood in return by working for us. As children, we need our parents to be our comforters. To take care of others, we cannot spend a day without our fellow men. We required teachers to educate us, books and masters to teach our trade and when we have learned it and settled ourselves in life, we required laws made by other men who died hundreds of years before we were born, to secure to us rights and properties, to secure to our comforts in our station, and we need friends to comfort us in sorrow and to share our joy.

[156 Words]


As social beings, we cannot live alone in this world. Always we are in the assistance of others for our existence. We need clothes, houses, food, education which are supplied by weavers, masons, farmers, and teachers. Besides, we need the help of lawyers to make our rights and properties secured, masters to assist in trade, friends to share our joy and comfort in sorrow. Above all, we need the loving care and affection of our parents.

[76 Words]

Another Summary Writing Examples with Answer

Make a summary of the following passage:

Jawaharlal Nehru was the most faithful follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He was Mahatmaji’s, right-hand man. But Jawaharlal Nehru did not support him blindly. Until and unless he was fully convinced that Mahatmaji was right, Jawaharlal Nehru never followed. Jawaharlal Nehru began to preach the message of Mahatma among his countryman. He asked them to stand united and to be ready to sacrifice their all for the complete freedom of the hand. He advised them not to use British goods and to have anything to do with foreign rulers.
He also advised them to break the bad laws fearlessly without caring for the consequences. His struggle for the freedom of India was part of a higher struggle. He encouraged the countries of Asia to shake off the yoke of European nations.

[130 words]


Though a trusty follower of Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru never followed him blindly. He followed the ideals that appeared to be reasonable. Jawaharlal Nehru asked the countryman to sacrifice their all for the freedom of the country. He advised people to refuse foreign goods and to raise voices against the imposition of bad law. He also inspired the countries of Asia to be free from a foreign power.

[67 words]

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