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Vacation Leave Application Request Mail

Vacation leave application request mail, every year we work, but everyone wants to go on vacation for a few days and to refresh the mind. So we have to tell our boss and write a letter that employees give their employer a chance to take some time off. You can easily leave a vacation request letter for leave through this format.

Vacation Leave Application

Mr, Prem Ji
General Manager
Brothers Telecom Ltd.
Maharvi Street
Kolkata 723442

Sub: – Vacation Request Letter

Dear Sir,
I would request you to give me leave from 24 November to 30 November 2020. I need to leave on the dates mentioned as I am waiting to go on vacation. I have not taken advantage of any leaf for the last three months. I have no work is pending from my side, and in my absence, I will entrust my responsibility to the concerned associate/officer. I once again request you to approve the leave.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,

Application for Leave vacation request mail to manager


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Sub: – Application for leave of vacation

Respect Sir,
I am writing a letter to request your approval for vacation leave………….(mention date of leave here) through………(mention last date). I know how important it is to make sure my job is during the time I am away. Suddenly, my family made this plan, and I would also like to go on vacation with the family for a very long time, I could not go anywhere because of reason work. I think that time going on vacation will also refresh my mind, and I will spend some time with my family.
I would be happy to have a member of my team who will help in my absence and ensure that all projects are organized to make it easier to continue the progress of my work during the time that I am away. Please let me know about your decision as soon as possible to confirm and arrange a visit.
Best Regards,
Yours Faithfully
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