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Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About Your School

Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About Your School

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My Dearest Friend [Name],

How are you? Hope you are well and I am also very good here. I know that you want to know about my new school so today I am writing you this letter in which I will tell you in detail about my new school which in i took admission. The name of my school is [your school name]. It is one of the best school in the district of [District Name]. The school is a three-flowered building. The total number of students is about 1500+ and the number of teachers is twenty-two. Our new school has twenty-eight classrooms with forty-five students in each class on average.

All the rooms are especially airy and the sanitation system is excellent. The arrangement is water, electric, and etc supplies are also very well. There are separate arrangements for boys and girls. There is a good library with thousands of good books. All the teachers of our new school are extremely pleasant and helpful. They are highly qualified teachers whom we love to teach. The results of our new school are outstanding in our whole city. I am very proud and also very much love of my new school.

Please let me know how you feel about your school in a letter. My best wishes to your parents and love to your little sister and brother.

Your truly loving friend,


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