1. Invitation Letters

Accept Invitation Letter Format Birthday, Marriage

invitation letter format when someone invites you to their birthday party or your wedding, you have to answer that you have accepted or due to some reason not to accept the invitation. Informal letter accepting an invitation, sample letter for accepting an invitation, thank you letter for accepting the invitation. accepting the invitation letter

Invitation Reply Letter Format

[Sender Name]
[Sender Address]

Dear [Name]
I am delighted to receive your invitation to your birthday party. It will really be an enjoyable occasion to meet all my friends and have fun and music after more time. I accept your invitation and will be present on time.
My best wishes to you and respect your parents.
Ever yours
[your name]

Another Invitation letter Sample

[Sender Name]
[Sender Address]

Dear Friend,
I am happy to know that your brother’s marriage ceremony will take place on 20th Nov. Thank you for your kind invitation. It would be a great pleasure for me to meet you and other members of your family on a happy occasion. I was particularly fascinated by the idea of visiting your village home after a long lapse. I will try my best to come to your brother’s marriage invitation.
 With regards to your parents and love to love.

Yours cordially,




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