1. Leave Letters

Application for Casual Leave for Students and Teachers

We can quickly write casual leave application companies and the government sector. See the format below. Casual leave application sample Format, Templates for office employees to annual leaves. Govt employee, Companies staff. Casual leave application for office one day, teachers, and urgent work.

Basic Step to Write Casual Leave Letter:

  • Write the name of the recipient and the destination
  • Write your Company and Full office address
  • The date of Letter Writing:
  • Subject:
  • Greetings:
  • Paragraph: –  The first paragraph and is essential to describe the thoughts expressed in the rest of the letters.
  • Body: – Letter, the person, can pursue his thoughts, conditions, duration, and feelings
  • Signature.

Casual Leave Application for Teachers

The Headmaster,
Vidya Valika High School,
Burdwan Road – Kolkata

Sub: – Casual Leave

Respect Sir,
I hope you are reading in good health with humble regards. My name is Ratan Das, a teacher from your school, vidya valika. I inform you that today I am going to my friend’s house for a special invitation, so I cannot attend school today. So I am writing you a letter for casual leave, so I request you to leave school today. I will be very grateful to you, and I look forward to your response.
Thank You,
With Best Regards,

Yours Truly,

Application for Casual Leave from SchoolOne Day

The Headmaster
Evergreen Academy,
Jasi Road, Punjab

Respected Sir,
You are respectfully stating that I__________(your name) am a student of class 7th in your school. I am writing this letter to inform you that, I will not come to school on November 5 due to some of my significant work in my house. Therefore, I requested that you grant me one day’s leave. I look forward to your response; give me a chance of gratitude.
Thank you,
Best wishes
Yours Truly,


You can write an application for casual leave in the format given to your office, company. If you get help from all these letters, it is good for my articles, if you feel that some more format is needed, you can let us know through comments.


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