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Accounting Cover Letter Template, Examples

More people like do the job like salesman, clerk-typist, accountant, etc.

You have to write a job application letter a job applying you can quickly write the letter as your job conditions and give it there by looking at the job application letter format given below.

Job application letter format for Accountant


Your Name

C/o. Mr. Name




The Director,

Company Name(Pvt.) Ltd.

Vivekanada road,

Calcutta, Pin

Sub: Applying accountant job application

Dear Sir,
I beg to consult with an advertisement at the Statesman dated XX November 20XX for the post of a few Accounts Clerk and offer my services for one of the same. Seeing my eligibility, I passed the B.Com Examination at the University of Kolkata at 20XX. I was engaged mainly in with Journal and Ledger entries and preparation of Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet.

I want to leave my current job with the expectation of a greater prospect for your organization. I’m twenty-two years old and have excellent health. I trust and hope for favorable consideration of my program.
With Thanks,

Yours faithfully,

[Your name]

Job letter post of a salesman


Applicant Name


City or Pin


Manager of Company

Company Name


Re: Applying Job post of a salesman


In response to your advertising from the [source title] [advertisement dated ], a lot of experienced salesmen I beg to offer myself as a candidate. I’m a commerce graduate of [University Name], having passed the B.com Examination in [year of passing ] with Accounting for a subject.

I joined my current organization in [year of joined ], in which I worked as a sales representative of [Bengal and Bihar’s organization]. I’m applying to your company’s standing in the expectation of greater career prospects and greater job satisfaction.

My current employer has no objection to me if I’m selected in your organization. I’m a young guy with [your age] having great sound health. I’m enclosing a copy of my certificate and testimonials files regarding my age, qualification, and experience.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Your Name

Encl. Photograph and Certificates as state above.

Job Cover Letter for Typist Post

Your name

Full address





The Manager,

Company Name,

Company Address,

Re: Job request clerk typing 

Dear Sir,

In response to your advertising in the newspaper dated on (XX/XX/XX)  for the post of clerk –cum- Typist, I beg to offer myself as a candidate. I passed the Higher Secondary Examination in the [Your board name] in [Place] and was placed in the higher division. I learnt typing from [source name] and acquired a speed of 50+ words per minutes.I’m [your age], and having good health.

Though I have no previous experience, I am used to hard work and always willing to learn from my elders and superiors. I am positive that if you can select me for this post, I will do perform best in my position.

Thanking you, Sir. I remain,

Yours faithfully,


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