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50+ Most Used Full Complete Full Form List

What is Full Form Definition?

Generally, we know the short form used is government, medical, schooling, and banking locations. Therefore, we have to know the complete full form and understand its full short-form name. We will also look at some powerful unknown phrases and their complete full form if you search for a complete atm full form list.

Here is a list of Most Important Full Form List

List of 50 + most important full form list you easily know the short form full form.

Q. ATM Full Form?

Ans: Automated Teller Machine.

Q. NRC Full Form?

Ans: National Register of Citizens

Q. MBBS Full Form?

Ans: Bachelor of Medicine

Q. GDP Full Form?

Ans: Gross Domestic Product

Q. OTT Full Form?


Q. Wifi Full Form?

Ans: Wireless Fidelity

Q. API Full Form?

Ans: Application Programming Interface

Q. RIP Full Form?

Ans: Rest-in-Peace

Q. MBA Full Form?

Ans: Master of Business Administration


Q. PDF Full Form?

Ans: Portable Document Format

Q. NEFT Full Form?

Ans: National Electronic Funds Transfer

Q. SSC Full Form?

Ans: Secondary School Certificate

Q. IAS Full Form?

Ans: Indian Administrative Service

Q. NASA Full Form?

Ans: National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Q. ICSE Full Form?

Ans: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

Q. UPSC Full Form?

Ans: Union Public Service Commission

Q. Ph.D. Full-Form?

Ans: Doctor of Philosophy

Q. URL Full Form?

Ans: Uniform Resource Locator

Q. SOP Full Form?

Ans: Standard Operating procedure

Q. NCB Full Form?

Ans: Narcotics Control Bureau

Q. CV Full Form?

Ans: Curriculum Vitae

UPI Full Form?

Ans: Unified Payments Interface

Q. DNA Full Form?

Ans: Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Q. CTC Full Form?

Ans: Cost To Company

Example : CTC = GROSS salary + incentives + other expenses

Q. CEO Full Form?

Ans: Chief Executive Director

Q. TRP Full Form?

Ans: Television Rating Point

Q. BCA Full Form?

Ans: Bachelor of Computer Application

Q. EMI Full Form?

Ans: Equated Monthly Installment

Q. RTGS Full Form?

Ans: Real-time Gross Settlement

Q. DM Full Form?

Ans: District Magistrate or Personal Message

Q. UNICEF Full Form?

Ans: United Nations Children’s Fund

Q. LLB Full Form?

Ans: Legum in Latin Baccalaureus (as known as Bachelor of Law)

Q. IPS Full Form?

Ans: Indian Police Service

Q. DRDO Full Form?

Ans: Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Q. VPN Full Form?

Ans: Virtual Private Network

Q. NEET Full Form?

Ans: National Eligibility cum Entrance Test

Q. BBA Full Form?

Ans: Bachelor of Business Administration

Q. OK Full Form?

Ans: Oll Korrect

Q. ERP Full Form?

Ans: Enterprise Resource Planning

Q. CBSE Full Form?

Ans: Central Board of Secondary Education.

Q. ISO Full Form?

Ans: International Organization for Standardization

Q. KYC Full Form?

Ans: Know Your Customer

Q. USB Full Form

Ans: Universal Serial Bus

Q. BPO Full Form

Ans: Business Process Outsourcing.

Q. GSM Full Form

Ans: Global System for Mobile Communication

Q. IFSC Full Form

Ans: Indian Financial System Code

Q. HDFC Full Form

Ans: Housing Development Finance Corporation

Q. DP Full Form

Ans: Display Picture

Q. NPR Full Form

Ans: National Public Radio

Q. UPS Full Form

Ans: Uninterruptible Power Supply

Q. CCTV Full Form

Ans: Closed Circuit Television

Q. NOC Full Form

Ans: No Objection Certificate

Q. PWD Full Form

Ans: Public Works Department

Q. OPD Full Form

Ans: Outpatient Department


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