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When kids grow up then we have to do ration cards like an adult, at that time we have to write a letter, with the help of our given format you can write it.

Application to change ration card child to adult

_____________[Your Name]

The Rationing Officer,
Office Address,

Dear Sir,
Out of 8 ration cards held by my family, 4 are for the children. Ration card No. [Child Ration Card No] in the name of my Son/Daughter Mr/Mrs [Here Name] now requires a change as he/she has attained the age of [age] years on [date]. The concerned ration card [Ration Card No] is being sent herewith for kindly issuing an adult ration card in place of the same.
Quick action is requested.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
[Your Name]_____________

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