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Rent Agreement Format in Word

What is the Rent Agreement Format for House?

A house rent agreement is a rental agreement on one’s property that requires the signing of an agreement to live on rent. It is also known as a lease agreement. A house rent agreement is a written contract between a landlord and a tenant seeking to rent.

House Rent Agreement Format in Word

THIS AGREEMENT made on this day, 24th day of [Month], [Year] between Mr. [Landlord Full Name] son of Mr. [Landlord Father Name] of the one part,  and Mr. [Tenant Full Name], son of Mr. [Tenant Father Name] of the other part.

WHEREAS the Landlord offered to let out his house at [House Full Address] a monthly rent of Rs 5500/- (Rupees Five Thousand Five Hundred only], and WHEREAS the Tenant agreed to pay the said amount per month and made an advance of Rs. 11000/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand only]

Now it has been agreed upon between the parties that: – 

  1. The Tenant will pay the rent in full before [your rent agreement date] of each month,
  2. The Tenant will not sublet the house or part thereof to anyone,
  3. The house will not be used for any purpose other than residential,
  4. All the bills and other expenses on electricity and water will be paid by the tenant,
  5. All property taxes and municipal taxes will be payable by the Landlord,
  6. The Landlord will get the house full-washed once every [Duration of Year] and make necessary repairs from time to time,
  7. Either party can terminate the agreement by giving [your months] notice in writing.

____________Signature Witness
____________Signature Landlord 
____________Signature Tenant 
____________Date: D/M/Y


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