Simply write a paragraph on pollution, air, water, global warming, and plastic

Simply write a paragraph on pollution, air, water, global warming, and plastic

What is the Definition of Pollution?

Paragraph on pollution is the main source of harmful materials in the environment. Pollution also occurs on natural sources such as human emissions, waste of goods produced through the factory which damages water air, and land pollution. People should be made aware of the hazards of pollution.

There are Some Main Causes of Pollution?

There are many other similar things that are useful to people, and today we are causing a lot of pollution due to this. Such as bikes, cars, and more, filthy air coming out of pipes, the use of coal to make electricity, which causes air pollution, industry and household waste that causes pollution to land and water. Chemical poisons to kill weeds and insects – seep into waterways and harm wildlife.

Types of Pollution Essay in English

There are three main major types of pollution

  1. Water Pollution
  2. Air Pollution
  3. Polymer or Plastic Pollution




Paragraph on water pollution we need water for our existence. But unfortunately, this water is being polluted in various ways. It is a matter of grave concern to all. The chemical wastes from factories and untreated sewage have been polluting water. Power plants and factories release hot water into rivers and sea. As a results, fish and other aquatic animals are greatly affected. Water is polluted with pesticides used widespread in agricultural lands. 

paragraph on water pollution in english
Paragraph on pollution

The pesticides contain pollutants such as nitrates, cadmium, lead, copper, mercury and etc. which create water-borne disease. Arsenic, another pollutant, is found in effluents released by factories. Arsenic can cause diseases like skin cancer, gangrene, and etc. Again detergents used in households can cause water pollution. The drainage and dumping of filthy water into rivers cause water pollution. So, people should be made aware of the hazards of water pollution.


How to write a Paragraph on Air Pollution in English Examples?



Paragraph on pollution air is also polluted with constant emission of smoke from the mills and factories, cars, bikes etc. The use of insecticides and chemical detergents pollutes the land and air. All these are destroying the balance in the environment.

paragraph on air pollution
Paragraph on pollution

Today we are acquainted with the term ‘global warming’ that means air, water and temperature in the globe is becoming warmer. As a results, the flood may wash away our existence. So, consciousness is necessary to control the air, water and environmental pollution.


How to write a paragraph on pollution plastic?



Paragraph on plastic pollution is one of the dreadful problems of modern life. Today plastics are used in preparing things such as films, sheets, containers, wire and cable insulation, pipe, etc. on a large scale. The toys, medical instruments household wares, water filter, carry bags also made from plastics. But many of us do not know that plastics react with food and make it toxic. moreover , they are non-biodegradable. 

paragraph on plastic pollution
Paragraph on pollution

The plastic packets and bags endanger the lives of aquatic animals. When burnt, they give out poisonous gases which may cause asthma, skin disease and even cancer. Plastics reduce fertility of the soil and stunt the growth of vegetation also. So, we see that plastics are harmful and we must stop using them.


How to write a paragraph on Global Warming?



Paragraph on global warming is a great problem that affects all parts of the entire world. It means the increase in temperature of the earth’s surface. The increase in temperature is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases in the air, especially carbon dioxide. According to the scientist, it is a great threat to human existence. The greenhouse gases bring about atmospheric changes by forming a roof that prevents heat radiation from the earth.

paragraph on global warming
Paragraph on pollution

Global warming is causing environmental disasters like rapid melting of ice-caps in the polar regions. As a result, there is widespread flooding of lowlands as well as coastal plains. All the countries of the world should come forward immediately to control the emission of greenhouse gases.  Paragraph on pollution

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