Write a letter to your friend relating your experience of online class

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Letter to Friend Describing Your Experience of Online Class

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Dear [Friend Name],

I hope you are well and spirits as you read this in good health. You’ll be happy to know that I’m doing well here. I am writing to you letter to share my beautiful experience of my online classes during time of lockdown. This should not be new to you, as you are also a student and can take online classes during this lockdown epidemic period. Continuing my studies would also be very difficult for me. However, the online classes were both interesting and fun. It is like spending hours in my class. I have not any type of difficulty in my studies.

I was spending more and more time on my online classes, because during the epidemic, I was spending some time at home watching TV, spending time with family at home, but at one time it was the most boring. So I used to spend my epidemic time on my online studies, I got time to study during the epidemic time and I got to learn a lot. Please let me know how you feel about these days’ classes in a letter. Pleasure my dearest regards to parents and love to little sister & brother.

Yours ever,

[Here your name]


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