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Essay on Friendship Essay 350+ Words

Essay on Friendship

Essay on Friendship is the biggest bond in the world, which no one will take away from themselves and anyone can ever wish for it. A friendship is a beautiful relationship dedicated by one person to another. Today, he is a very lucky person who has a true friend because he takes care of each other in every moment. To maintain friendship both people should have strong faith and understanding towards each other. Friendship is a very precious gift given to us by God. A human cannot live a lone needs friendship for interactions of feelings.

Importance of Friends in our Life

A friend’s importance is really needed in a friend indeed. Friendship means a good relationship between two individuals in which there is nothing relating to personal interest. It depends completely on selflessness, love, and better understanding. A spiritual bond is a friendship. Even if we don’t have the exact relation of blood, but the guy still cares for us. Irrespective of all differences, a friend chooses you, supports you, and understands you in every situation. Whenever you are in self-doubt, lacking confidence you talk to your friend, and your worry or problems surely go away.

When a friend is happy, his happiness is definitely shared by friends. Again on another side when a friend is upset, his upset is also shared by a friend. So, the influence of good friendship is helpful and this is the very important bonding on friendship. Most importance of valuable friendship relationships is very strong at that time in our society.  Many friends pretend to be intimate they run in times of adversity.



My Best Friend Essay Paragraph

A true friend always wants happiness in your face. Honesty is the most important element in a true friendship which maintains a lifelong relationship. Each and every person wants a true trustful friend. A true friend who always loves u supports you. There is no such thing as an age limit when it comes to friendship. We can build a great friendship with almost anyone, whether they may be younger or older. Friendship requires dedication or devotion.

Friendship holds a special space for respect and responsibility. We have to care about selecting friends because we have to an aware lot of false friends. In good company, a lazy fellow becomes active and a dishonest fellow becomes honest. So, the necessity of friendship is desirable. Making true friends is very difficult but one time we make true friends then he/she never lets us feel and hesitant. A true friend always holds your hands in any situation. True friendship means being trustful, bonding of love, respect.

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