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Reminder Letter for Outstanding Payment

With the help of our given reminder letter format, you can remind your buyer when he is late in making payment.

Strong Letter for Outstanding Payment

Company Name
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Buyer Name,
Address & Pin

Sub: Reminder for Bill Payment

Dear Sir,
We regret to remind you that we have not yet received the payment for [goods name] for your order number 8766559 dated [date here]. The goods were dispatched on [date] billing number 763 and duly received by you. The bill for the above supplies was raised on [date] and payment was due within [days of your period here]. But unfortunately, this amount is still outstanding. So you are requested to kindly make the payment as soon as possible. Please note that we are entitled to interest @ 12 p.a. for delays exceeding [duration]. However, if you settle the account within the [days], we are ready to waive the interest payment.
Thanking you and assure you of our best services.
Best Regards,
Company Name

Requesting Reminder Letter for Payment Balance


Job Designation,
Company Name

Sub: Reminder for outstanding payment

Respected Sir,
We are sorry to inform you that your bill for the last mount is still due and we have not yet received your payment. You are informed by our company that the last date for paying your internet bill [mention here your types of the bill] has passed, and now you have to pay this bill with a late fee.
We would request you to kindly make the payment on time so that you can avoid more late fee charges. So pay your bill as soon as possible.
Thanking you.
Best Regards,
Company Name


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