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Essay on Independence for Students

Independence Day Speech in English


Start with respect to our special guest, principal, teachers, and all our dear parents.  On August 15th, India celebrates Independence Day as a national holiday this day is very important in our life. On that day in 1947, we achieved/gained freedom from the British. On that day, our school, college, office, govt sector society everywhere we decorated with flowers, splendor to celebrate our national Independence Day. On that day in school, students come to the school with full uniforms. Every year in a school we held is a nice function for a period of one to two hours. The function starts with the hoist of the national flag by the respected principal of our school.
The headmaster and some of our lovable teachers delivered short speeches about the importance of the day. Some students of our school recite patriotic poems. The speeches of the teachers are very inspiring us to love our nation and that is a beautiful lesson for the younger students on how to fight against anti-national forces. The motive of the function is to raise national consciousness among the students. A memorable closing song brings the event to a close.

Importance of Independence Day

We know that Independence Day is very important for every Indian, it is remembered from year to year that a lot of sacrifices were made by our freedom fighter who gave his country independence from the British. So today we all celebrate this day with full heart and soul. On this day, we all have a festive spirit and take pride in the diversity and unity of the people.

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